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Low silk knit waffle 2WAY sleeveless

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Material: silk93%nylon3%

size guide

Width: 38cm

Length: 61cm

Shoulder width: 45cm

Lower front: 9cm

Back drop: 17cm

A waffle material made from raw silk and stretchy spun nylon.

An item that can be worn in 2 ways, front and back, and can be enjoyed with a V-neck and a U-neck.

An item that focuses on the AH and neckline lines that make your upper arms look beautiful with cap sleeves.

The side design changes the knitted fabric, and the hem has a side slit, so it is easy to arrange the details even if you wear it in the front.

A moderate fit that does not stretch the body line too much.

Available in four early autumn colors.

It is an item that can be worn from summer to autumn.