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raw silk knitted bra top

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Material: 87% silk, 13% nylon

size guide

Width: 33cm

Length: 31cm

Shoulder width: 25cm

Small shoulder width: 3.5cm

Hem (with flat elastic): 31cm

Lower front: 17.5cm

Back drop: 24.5cm

The knit material is stretchy, so it fits along the body and stays in place even when you move.

The point is that the special manufacturing method has no seams and does not get stiff, and the skin side is silky and does not get stuffy, so it is easy to use even for people with sensitive skin.

Although it comes with a bra pad, it is a pad that is particular about volume and comfort.

If you put this pad on, you will definitely be captivated.

The raw silk material keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so you can wear it all year round.

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