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Vegetable dyeing service Re:dye Avocado/Nuance Pink

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Vegetable dyeing service Re:dye

Off-white products purchased at KIGINU

Dyeing a new color with natural materials [Service]

■ Avocado skin and seed → nuance pink

*Only for those who already have KIGINU off-white products


*We do not accept items other than KIGINU products.

*After receiving the off-white product

It takes 3 weeks to dye and ship.

[Flow of using vegetable dyeing service]

1. Purchase the vegetable dyeing service here

2. Mail off-white products to the designated address

(Customers are responsible for the postage costs.)

3. Responsible and careful dyeing at KIGINU

4. To the address registered by the customer at the time of ordering

We will mail the dyed product.

(This postage cost will be borne by KIGINU.)

【Shipping address】


9-18 Nanpeidai, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Granz Ober Nanpeidai 106

Each dye is extracted from plants and carefully dyed by hand. The color of a once-in-a-lifetime chance that cannot be conveyed through photographs or samples is unique in the world. Enjoy your own original product.